A novel coming “soon” on Amazon: THE BIMBORG


Cover art rendered by Doug Sturk a.k.a. Sturkwurk

I’m writing it now. Here’s the cover-blurb text—

How does one young man alone stop cyborg invaders from the future?

For Charlie-Bob Owens, a nerd high-school senior, everything started when he attacked an armed robber in order to save two fair damsels. He got shot in the leg as a result.

Soon after, he got rewarded with a harem of—though he had no way of knowing this—sex-slave cyborgs called bimborg. All he knew was that the hottest girls in his school (plus two hot teachers) were dropping their boyfriends and were offering Charlie-Bob any kind of sex, anytime, anywhere.

But soon after, Earth got a second kind of cyborg: the Cybes, evil cyborgs from the 27th century, who had conquered 428 planets. The Cybes had gotten stranded in the year 2013. The Cybes decided to do what they did best: turn every one of Earth’s billions of people into a Cybe.

Two weeks after Charlie-Bob Owens learned the truth about his high-school harem, about the bimborg (of whom there were 22 million on Earth), and about the Cybes, Charlie-Bob became Bimborg King. He alone could save Earth from the Cybes.

But what about the Cybes’ deadly enemies in the 27th century, the Space Navy of the Planetary Alliance? The Space Navy got prevented from ever existing. Now there was nobody who could come from the future and help Charlie-Bob beat the Cybes.

Note: This is a soft-core porn parody. But not of “Lost In Space.”


Part 1: “KING JAMES” UPTON—he’s the mad scientist who steals Cybe technology and creates a worldwide harem of bimborg.

Part 2: CHARLIE-BOB OWENS—he does a brave act to save two damsels in distress, and unknowingly wins a great reward.

Part 3: THE CYBES—evil cyborgs from the 27th century crash on Earth, and decide to Cybefy all of Earth’s people.

Part 4: BATTLE FOR EARTH—Charlie-Bob and the bimborg v. the Cybes.

Part 5: EPILOGUE—life after the climactic battle between Good and Evil.

EDIT: Added 2013.05.03—
Buy The Bimborg now! You know you want to.


EDIT: Added 2013.12.22—
Apple iTunes Bookstore

EDIT: Added 2014.06.27—
Page Foundry/Inktera EPUB


9 thoughts on “A novel coming “soon” on Amazon: THE BIMBORG

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  3. I saw that one of your Amazon books is available in paperback, and I’m going to order it today . . . any chance of that option for your other books?

    • _Three More Wishes_ has four full-color pictures within the text. While this means that the six-dollar ebook version of the novel is a real value for the money (hint, hint), it makes a print-on-demand book awfully expensive. The break-even price that CreateSpace quoted a year ago was something around forty bucks(!) The reason for that jaw-dropping price: They charge every black-ink page in a color book, the same price as a color page.

      Now CreateSpace (the print-on-demand printer) will “soon” have it set up where the “color” price will be only for the color pages, but I don’t know when that is. When CreateSpace has the new printing technology printing books and has gotten the kinks out, then I’ll get _Three More Wishes_ printed in paperback.

      That’s a long-winded way of saying that _Three More Wishes_ will come out in paperback sometime during Obama’s second term, but I can’t be more specific than that.

      _The Bimborg_ will come out in both paperback and ebook formats. The ebook version will be six bucks. I can’t begin to guess now, what the paperback price will be, except I know it will be more than six dollars.

      Finally, David, thanks for buying _Names Have Power_ in paperback. Enjoy the read!

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