How and Why I Wrote It: NAMES HAVE POWER

Pictured (left-right): Slave Deborah, Sarah/Platinuma, Tim, Ashley/Gothika, Slave Jeanette, and Susan/Susie. Cover art by Doug Sturk, a.k.a. Sturkwurk

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve always been interested in mind-control stories. A few years ago, I discovered a website called MCStories where people post mind-control porn stories for free.

It turned out that the site caters to a wide variety of tastes: men MCing (mind-controlling) women, women MCing men, men MCing men, and women mind-controlling women. There’s also a wide variety of methods how the mind-control is done: hypnosis, subliminal messages, pheromones, mad-scientist technology, secret government technology, alien technology, and magic. (Plus one or two others that I’m probably forgetting.)

There’s one other dividing line between some stories and others. Some stories have “heroes” who are evil mind-controllers; such stories are called “sociopathic.” Other stories feature “nice-guy controllers,” who have a code of ethics that covers when and whom they mind-control. While nice-guy controllers will take advantage of sex from mind-controlled partners when it gets thrown at them, nice-guy mind controllers will not seek out mind-controlled sex, or cause it.

After reading enough mind-control stories over there, I decided that I couldn’t stomach stories with sociopathic MCers, but much preferred the nice-guy-controller stories.

Of course, I’m the first to admit that any nice-guy-controller story has an ethical contradiction in it. If a woman offers a man sex when her judgment is impaired, and the man suspects that she wouldn’t make that offer if she were sober/unMCed, then the gentlemanly thing to do would be to decline her offer. However, there are few men (and I’m certainly not one of them) who would behave to such a high standard.

That ethical contradiction, however, goes away if the nice-guy controller doesn’t know that he is mind-controlling people. So imagine my delight when I found Talked Themselves Into It.

The premise of the story is this: A mysterious old man, with an Anna Nicole Smith-type young girlfriend, gives a nice-guy politician a flat stone. The younger man puts the flat stone in his pocket. The old man doesn’t tell the younger man anything about his gift before he leaves.

The stone has a groove the width of a man’s thumb, and the nice young guy thinks he’s being given a worry stone. Well, he’s shy, and hot girls make him nervous, so whenever he’s looking at a desirable woman, he rubs the stone with his thumb.

But the stone actually is magical, such that if he’s looking at a woman and he rubs the stone, she’ll get horny for him.

So the fun of the story is that he’s turning all the women in his office, plus a political enemy’s trophy wife, into his adoring sex slaves, but he doesn’t know he’s doing this. He just thinks that women around him are acting strange, and he doesn’t know why!

Okay, fine, but what does all this have to do with the novel I wrote, Names Have Power?

A long time ago, I read a book that had summaries of children’s stories from all over the world—England, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Native Americans, and many more countries. The thing that struck me was that certain things appeared in children’s stories everywhere.

One common plot was this: A person does something mean to a supposedly helpless stranger, but the “helpless stranger” is actually a person of great magical power, and so the nasty person gets an awful punishment. The flip side of this is that a person does a kindness for a stranger who supposedly can’t return the kindness, and then the kind human is magically rewarded.

So I took those two story ideas: the “unwitting mind-controller” idea and the “kindness that seeks no reward gets magically rewarded,” and I came up with the idea for Names Have Power.

Here’s the back-cover blurb—

Tim Hanson’s day started rotten. He went to his father’s funeral, got chewed out by Susan (his father’s hardcore-feminist receptionist), witnessed a fatal car crash, and watched the SUV driver die despite Tim’s efforts to save him.

Ah, but things weren’t as they seemed. For that last part (the car accident and the dying) had all been a test by an ancient god—and Tim was the first human ever to pass the test.

As a reward, the Golden God gave Tim a magic power. But mischievously, the Golden God didn’t tell Tim what exactly his new power did.

Tim’s first hint of what his Power might be was when Susan the big-breasted ultrafeminist actually fixed him coffee. Soon after, she was asking Tim about pantyhose and harems.

Before everything was over, Gothika, a dominant-lesbian stripper, would try to bribe Tim into letting her move in.

Just like in “Talked Themselves Into It,” the hero is given a mind-control power; though in my story the Power turns on and turns off, and Tim can’t figure out the pattern.

Just like in “Talked Themselves Into It,” the person who gives Tim the mind-control Power, doesn’t tell Tim that he has done this. Nor does he tell Tim much more than “the effects are not reversible, so use my gift wisely.”

Like I said before, nice-guy controllers never set out to make sex slaves. So the fun of my story was thinking up all sorts of ways that Tim could accidentally make a sex slave, without trying to. By the end of the novel, he’s made either six or seven sex slaves, depending on whether you count Gothika.

When Tim figured out all the rules for his Power, I ended the story, because I knew that Tim would make no more sex slaves after that.

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