My thoughts, as an eBook author, about pirates? My thoughts will surprise you

Basically, my thoughts boil down to: I can’t be bothered. Knock yourselves out.

My Kindle books on Amazon, and my EPUB books for sale at, all are sold free of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

On my books’ Amazon pages, all of my Kindle books say this under “Product Details”:

Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

This is Amazon’s way of saying “DRM free.” But for some reason, Amazon doesn’t want to come out and say “DRM free.”

All of my Kindle books say this now, and they will all say it in the future. If I go write a hundred more male-dominant, soft-core porn novels, not one of them will be DRM’d.

DRM does not stop pirates. All you need is for one guy on the planet to crack a DRM algorithm, and 48 hours later, Joe Blow down the street is cracking the DRM on his Whatzit.

No, DRM is intended for customers who are technologically ignorant. DRM encryption forces such people to buy the same thing over and over again, every time they want it in a new format.

I refuse to be part of that.

Yes, I know my decision will “cost” me: Some people will download my books from pirate sites without paying for them. But not everyone will; I’ll still sell plenty of books. And the people who bought one book will be more inclined to but another one, after they find out that I haven’t turned actually using the book they’ve bought into a pain-in-the-ass process.

EDITED 2013.04.07: Changed references to “Google Play” to “”


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