March, 2013 for THE BIMBORG? I hope so.


Cover render by Doug Sturk, a.k.a. “Sturkwurk”

I’m writing the last plot sequence in Bimborg, not counting the Epilogue. After that, I’ll be done with the first draft. Whoo-hoo, party!

I exaggerate. There’ll be no party. I’ll drink a beverage, then start revising. But I don’t expect revising/rewriting the manuscript to take long.

What might well take long is what comes after that: Converting the Word 2010 document for The Bimborg into something that can be used by CreateSpace (the print-on-demand printer), by Amazon Kindle, and by Barnes & Noble NOOK.

Anyway, I expect at this point that The Bimborg will go up for sale in March, or maybe April. It’ll be sold, when it gets sold, in trade paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon, and in EPUB format at

More details as they become available.

EDITED 2013.04.07: Changed “Google Play” to references to Barnes & Noble.

Want to see the original front cover and read the back-cover blurb?

Want to read the first three chapters?

EDIT: Added 2013.05.03—
Buy The Bimborg now! You know you want to.


EDIT: Added 2013.12.22—
Apple iTunes Bookstore

EDIT: Added 2014.06.27—
Page Foundry/Inktera EPUB


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