THE BIMBORG—first draft is done

The first draft clocks in at 398 pages. Some of it is sexy (duh, I’m a soft-core pornographer), some of it is funny, and some parts will have you biting your nails in suspense.

I’m just glad to be finished with creating the story!

Now on to the second draft, in which I punch up the almost-exciting parts and I cut out the dull parts. Call me weird, but I take joy in figuring out how to replace forty plodding words with ten words that speak their truth perfectly.

For sale on Amazon: I still expect this to be sometime in March. More details as they become available.

Want to see the original front cover and read the back-cover blurb?

Want to read the first three chapters?

EDIT: Added 2013.05.03—
Buy The Bimborg now! You know you want to.


EDIT: Added 2013.12.22—
Apple iTunes Bookstore

EDIT: Added 2014.06.27—
Page Foundry/Inktera EPUB


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