Final BIMBORG cover

Cover art rendered by Doug Sturk a.k.a. Sturkwurk

Lots of news to share, after a year of working on The Bimborg: Part Nanobot, All Woman.

First of all, The Bimborg now is for sale as a Kindle.

Second of all: The Bimborg is soon to be for sale as a paperback. The PDF files for the bookblock (inside text) and the entire cover have been submitted to the print-on-demand printer. I’ve ordered a proof, which I expect to get within a week. If I disapprove the proof, it’ll be only because I don’t like how the cover turned out. More news as it becomes available.

Thirdly, all three of my books are for sale at the Barnes & Noble website in EPUB format. Here are the links:

Names Have Power
Three More Wishes
The Bimborg

Fourth: My books have been withdrawn from Google Play. Typically we were selling only one book a month. C’est la vie.

Fifth: This is the best “Star Trek” parody I’ve ever written. Okay, it’s also the only “Star Trek” parody I’ve ever written, but a man is allowed to brag sometimes, right?

Want to see the original front cover and read the back-cover blurb?

Want to read the first three chapters?

EDIT: Added 2013.05.03—
Buy The Bimborg now! You know you want to.


EDIT: Added 2013.12.22—
Apple iTunes Bookstore

EDIT: Added 2014.06.27—
Page Foundry/Inktera EPUB


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