THE BIMBORG: Out soon in paperback!

Final BIMBORG cover

Cover art rendered by Doug Sturk a.k.a. Sturkwurk

The proofs have been approved. Within a few days, the print-on-demand printer (CreateSpace) will upload the information to Amazon, and Amazon will create a page for the paperback version of my Star Trek parody.

The bad news: The cost for the U.S. edition will be thirteen bucks (plus shipping). And no, I won’t be making oodles of money at that price. In fact, I’ll pocket more money if you buy the Kindle version for six bucks.

The good news is, this way you can read my novel after a hurricane, or any other time there’s an extended power outage in your area.

The other good news is: The paperback is (soon to be) out and expensive, but at least it’s out. In the old days, when my choices would have been a) to pay to print out five hundred offset-print copies, have the five hundred books shipped to me, and then I store all five hundred books in my garage; or b) fuhgeddaboudit—well, this book would never exist in dead-tree form if those were my only two choices.

2013.03.28 breaking news: The paperback is up!

Want to see the original front cover and read the back-cover blurb?

Want to read the first three chapters?

EDIT: Added 2013.05.03—
Buy The Bimborg now! You know you want to.


EDIT: Added 2013.12.22—
Apple iTunes Bookstore

EDIT: Added 2014.06.27—
Page Foundry/Inktera EPUB


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