Hypno Talker front cover

Chapter 1
Aliens Invade

Five minutes before the flying saucer landed in the street, Kevin MacDonald was mowing his front yard.

The day was warm for April, so Kevin was wearing tan shorts and a “Creedence Clearwater Revival Forever!” t-shirt.

As Kevin was pushing his mower, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning to look, he saw that Judy Miller and her daughter Karen had stepped through the gap in the hedge, and now stood in a corner of his yard.

Kevin let the mower die as he smiled at the sexy thirtyish blonde and her teen daughter. “Hey, ladies, what’s up?”

Judy smiled at him. “Mister MacDonald, Karen’s spring band concert is tonight, and I invite you to come with us.”

“ ‘Us’?” Kevin said. “Is Sam coming too?”

“Nope,” Judy said cheerfully. “Hubby’s at some hospital in Eugene, Oregon, waiting for parts. Gone three more days, at least.” Sam was a traveling X-ray-machine repairman.

As Kevin walked across the lawn, he said, “I’d love to go to your concert, but there’s a problem. Karen, you still play flute, that right?”

“First section, third chair!” redheaded Karen said, beaming.

“Oh, I’m sure you’re good,” he said to Karen. “The problem is, Vietnam gave me high-frequency hearing loss. I’ve heard you practice through an open window, and half the notes you play, I hear quiet, and lots of notes I can’t hear at all. So thanks, but I’ll pass.”

Kevin wasn’t telling the whole truth. It was almost painful for him now, being around high-school kids. They all had so much youth, and energy, and optimism! When he’d been drafted in 1970, he’d had youth and energy too, but he’d lost the optimism forever in ’Nam.

But Kevin was not declining because he didn’t like his neighbors. Judy kept herself looking hot for Sam; and whereas Millicent had rationed sex to Kevin with an eyedropper, Judy the MILF gifted Sam with sex by the bucketful. Meanwhile, Karen was the kind of good student and happy person that comes from knowing that her parents are devoted to each other.

Now Karen said, “That sucks, losing your hearing.”

Kevin laughed. “No lie. The original reason I became an Electrical Engineer was so I could design better stereos.”

“We can’t talk you into coming?” Judy asked. “Karen graduates in two months. It’s your last chance to hear great flute-playing!”

Kevin smiled and shook his head.

Judy squeezed his arm. “If you change your mind before six o’clock—”

Karen blinked. “What is that?” she said, pointing. A second later, the sun was blotted out by something in the air.

“Shit, it’s a flying saucer!” Kevin exclaimed.


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