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Cover art rendered by Doug Sturk a.k.a. Sturkwurk

Normally I don’t write a “How and Why” blog for a short story. But this particular short story is the first of the “Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar” series, and I thought I should post my thoughts about the series.

If you haven’t yet read “The Hypno-Talker Of Zlar,” here’s its sales blurb—

Kevin MacDonald, a 62-year-old Vietnam veteran, gets along great with his neighbors Sam and Judy, and their eighteen-year-old daughter Karen. Kevin gets along so well with his neighbors that Judy and Karen are inviting Kevin to a high-school band concert when a UFO lands in front of Kevin’s house.

Aliens come out of the spaceship, then hypnotize and kidnap all the neighborhood women who are between eighteen and forty-five years old. Kevin can’t stop Judy and Karen from walking into the spaceship.

Then the U.S. Army shows up, and kills the aliens—but instead of freeing the still-hypnotized women, the Army takes the women away to Fort Carver.

It’s up to Kevin to rescue his neighbors from the Army. Good luck with that—Kevin is old, out of shape, needs glasses, and has forgotten most of his combat training. The only thing Kevin has going for him: a hand-held hypnotizer-gizmo that belonged to a dead alien.


For those of us who like to read stories online about erotic mind control, the most famous of those stories is “Master PC.”

“Master PC” is about a fictional software program that turns a computer into something like a wish-granting genie. There is no three-wish limit, but there is a hundred-mile-radius limit.

That story starts with the story’s point-of-view character being sent the program by the mysterious “Master,” along with a message that the “Master” has selected our story’s hero to receive the program.

If you want to read that first story for yourself, here it is—

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

The concept has become very popular with other authors. For one thing, if a reader is reading the story online, he can readily grasp how Master PC would work. For another thing, since the selection process that the Master uses is never specified, any kind of person, with any kind of sexual kink, can wind up being gifted with Master PC in that story.

How popular is the Master PC universe for other writers? Check out all the Master PC stories written as of 2011.

J.R. Parz wrote the first “Master PC” story in 1998. He has never explained, either in interviews or in fiction, who the “Master” is, or how he selects strangers to receive his program.

Okay, so why am I telling you so much about Master PC?

Like I said, it has never been officially explained, by J.R. Parz the originating author, who the Master is and why he’s doing this. From an author’s viewpoint, this is great; it gives me maximum freedom if I ever want to write my own Master PC story. But as a reader, the situation is awful—I want to know how the Master chooses people, and why he’s doing this. Is this some convoluted philanthropy for him, or is this revenge, or what?

A few weeks ago, I got to thinking. Suppose I had a Master PC-like situation—specifically, a hypnotizer device that could completely program a person’s mind, and that millions of people around the world could build and use. Further suppose that this was the case because someone had built the hypnotizer, tested it, proved to himself that it worked, discovered all the fine points about working it, and then uploaded everything that he knew about the hypnotizer to the internet.

Why would he do something like that?

The first thing I decided was, he’s not going to be the device’s original inventor. If someone invented something like that, he would want to patent it and sell it for big bucks. The guy who invented a cure for cancer might put the writeups for his cancer-cure on the internet out of a sense of altruism, but the inventor of a hypnotizer? No way.

The next thing I decided was that this guy would not upload writeups for a hypnotizer that was the intellectual property of a big company, not even if the story hero were the actual inventor. What’s the use of uploading all that stuff to a website? The big business’s lawyers would just use cease and desist letters, or injunctions, or lawsuits, to get the website to remove the information.

Nor would the story hero upload writeups for something that belonged to the U.S. military. Putting such stuff on a website would result only in the hero getting sent to Fort Leavenworth (if he was lucky) or else simply assassinated.

Eventually I realized that if the hypnotizer were alien technology, no cop and no lawyer would have direct authority to pull writeups off a website if our hero uploaded information to that website. In short, once writeups about alien technology got onto the Web, they’d stay on the Web.

Great! That left only the question of, If my hero got hold of an alien hypnotizer and figured out how to copy it, why would he upload the writeups (circuit diagram, parts list, user manual, etc.) to the Web?

Eventually I came up with a fictional answer to that question, but it required for Kevin (my hero) to have some very unusual political beliefs. Those political beliefs aren’t my own, by the way; but Kevin’s beliefs give him a reason to upload those writeups at the end of Chapter 9.

Once I’d figured out in loose outline a story that would end up where I wanted, I wrote my story in the sexiest and most exciting way I could think of. Also, if you’ve read Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie or if you’ve read The Bimborg, you’ll notice that I love “damsel in distress” as a story element. The result? In the story, Kevin winds up needing to rescue over a dozen women from the villain’s foul clutches.

What’s next in the series: Stories about individuals finding the writeups for Kevin’s hypno-talker, building their own hypno-talker, and getting sex. I plan to bring back Lourdes Taylor (as soon as I figure out how), because she’s such a unique character. I won’t say too much about the Zlarians or what they’re up to; I am not trying to create a soft-porn version of “The X-Files.”

Go buy The Hypno-Talker Of Zlar now! You know you want to.

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After you’ve read the first story, buy the second story, Hypno-Talker’s First Download, today! Let a great story continue.

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After you’ve read the first two stories, buy the third story, Revenge At College, today! Find out why you should never mess with someone who’s got a hypno-talker!

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Then finish up the series with Nerd Saves Women. Plot threads get tied up, damsels get rescued, and the good guys live happily ever after. (The bad guys, not so much.)

First two chapters of short story NERD SAVES WOMEN—FREE!


2 thoughts on “How and Why I Wrote It: THE HYPNO-TALKER OF ZLAR

  1. Hi MC Doctor,

    As a reminder, Adam had no intention of sharing Master PC with anyone. He was careless… again… and this time instead of Samantha capitalizing, Wendy did – and in chapter 12 of Part 4 we see how she sends it via the internet – with the sole intention of creating a Universe for interested writers. I’ll admit I had no idea it would still be just as popular today as it was back in 2008.

    As far as your other concern – regarding why – and why Adam. Where did the Master come from and what was his motive for sharing such magic. You’re going to hate my answer for it really is simplistic. Adam stumbled upon it at a tag sale… nothing intentional there. As far as that computer disc goes, it could have been there a very long time. No explanation because there is none. I know the great writer Boris Ludmenkov took a stab at this in one of his early stories, “Steam Engine Time.” – and I most certainly got a kick out of it. I figure you are referring to the epilogue when “the e-mail with Master PC traveled through cyber space an incredible pace, absorbing knowledge along the way… and then it settled inside Wendy Carmichael’s e-mail account, took note of the many addresses, and proceeded to duplicate itself before moving on with a brand new mission.”

    What was the mission? Hell if I know… never even thought about it… left it up to everyone else’s imagination. 🙂

    Incidentally, I read your Hypno-talkers tale and found it entertaining – thanks. p.s. Sometimes writers don’t need to have an explanation – unless they plan to write about it. 🙂 JR Parz

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