God Entertain The Queen!

Up till now, my books have been available only through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Recently it was brought to my attention that Barnes & Noble, though they have a UK website, for some reason don’t sell at that site all the books that are on their USA site. None of my books, to be more specific, can be bought through Barnes & Noble’s UK website. As for countries other than USA and UK, Barnes & Noble doesn’t sell to you. Period.

Amazon, meanwhile, only sells ebooks in formats that can be read on a Kindle, and then only in the countries where Amazon has websites. There is no “Amazon Australia” or “Amazon New Zealand,” for instance.

Here’s why this concerns me. Big Content (the movie industry, the music industry, and Manhattan publishers) love to blather on about filthy stinkin’ pirates.

Well, first of all, if you price your content above its fair market price (as determined by your customers, not your accountants), you’re gonna be pirated; deal with it. And you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.

But do you know what other content gets pirated? Content where eager (potential) buyers clutching currency are told, “That content is not available in your country.” What, Hollywood, do you really expect people in Country X to wait till six months from now for you to finally offer your overpriced, DRM-locked disk, when the content is for sale in the USA right now?

Anyway, now I’m pleased to announce that four of my five books are available in EPUB format on Kobo, and soon they’ll be available in EPUB format at the iTunes iBookstore. Which means that right now, today, people in Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand can buy my books in EPUB format; they won’t need to steal them.

Now my books are for sale not just in the English-speaking countries. Thanks to Kobo, if someone in Albania wants to buy one of my stories, now he can.

So to recap, now my novels and stories—

Names Have Power: Tim’s Magic Voice Makes A Harem
The Bimborg: Part Nanobot, All Woman
Captive Of The Barbarian King
The Hypno-Talker Of Zlar

—are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo; and will be available soon through the iTunes iBookstore.

Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie will be made available to Kobo and to the iTunes iBookstore soon.

One final comment, and I hope I’m wrong about this. The ebook part of Barnes & Noble is having all kinds of problems that haven’t made it into the newspapers yet. I suspect that six months from now, that part of Barnes & Noble will be closed down, or else will be sold off (most likely to Microsoft). So I’m recommending that EPUB-format book-buyers in the USA buy their ebooks from Kobo in preference to B&N.

Update on 2013.07.21—

Well, none of my books are at the iTunes Bookstore, and it looks like none of them will be. Apparently it’s true what I was warned: that Apple is hardcore even about softcore.

But Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie is now on Kobo in EPUB format. Here’s the link.

Update on 2013.12.23—

It turns out, I was wrong about Apple not selling my stuff. Go here to find out more.


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