First Look At FIRST DOWNLOAD Cover

First Download (Hypno-Talker 2) front cover

Cover art rendered by Doug Sturk a.k.a. Sturkwurk

Take a look at the woman in the gray. She’s a brunette, with hair in a bun (though in this picture, you can’t really tell that). She’s wearing pearl earrings; her skirt goes below her knees; and most noticeably, she’s skinny, with a flat chest. Does she remind you of anyone? Like, for instance, a cartoon character?

Not much else to report since my last blog entry, except that there’s something odd about how I’m writing this story.

Normally, I write the porn parts first. Then after so many pages, I tell myself, “Okay, time to get serious,” and I start creating plot elements.

(For those of you who’ve read Three More Wishes: The story shifts from porn to plot starting with the last four paragraphs of Ch. 29.)

But this story, “The Hypno-Talker’s First Download,” is the second story in the “Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar” series; and it does at least as much as the first story, to set up that series. So I’ve had to do a lot of world-building and plotting.

But now, after having written twelve thousand words of carefully thought out conflict, action, suspense, and world-building, now it’s time for the fun stuff!

EDIT: Added 2014.03.10—

Buy Hypno-Talker’s First Download (Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar-2) now! You know you want to.

First Two Chapters—FREE!
Apple iTunes Bookstore

EDIT: Added 2014.06.27—

Page Foundry/Inktera EPUB

EDIT: Added 2014.09.06—
Buy the whole shebang, The Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar Four-In-One.



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