ONE MORE GENIE: Almost Ready To Publish


The first draft is done, and the full (wraparound) cover has been designed. It won’t be long before the book is published.

Here’s the sales blurb—


For the past four years, Marvin Harper has had a great life. His wife loves him, his housekeeper loves him, he has a live-in harem, and he’s famous to millions of Americans as the “hero billionaire.”

Only a few people know that Marvin is a genie-master, like Aladdin once was. Because Marvin is kind and unselfish, his genie Fatima actually gave him more than he’d wished for, four years ago.

But in the world are four other Vessels besides Fatima’s lamp, and four other genies. Vinnie Lavagetto, a Mafia hit man, finds the lamp with big blue genie Kharmesh in it. Eventually Vinnie will become Marvin’s sworn enemy—and Kharmesh has been Fatima’s enemy for twenty-six centuries.

But Marvin has another problem, one he doesn’t know about.

Long ago, six djinn were put into Vessels as hostages, so that the three Tribes of djinn would never fight the Djinn War. The Djinn War, had it happened, would have caused millions of human casualties. Binding six djinn worked as a plan—the Djinn War was stopped before it started, and the Tribes have never fought since. But Hakeezib, Chief of the Blue Tribe of Djinn, has been spoiling for a fight since 632 B.C.

Tags: magic, genie, male dominant, sexy, mind control, threesome, romance, alpha male, damsel in distress, female submissive, harem, male-female, maledom, oral sex, lesbian submissive, wish, Mafia, virtue rewarded

The novel is 49,500 words. This is the sequel to Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie.


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