BIMBO-MIDAS front cover

Here is the sales blurb—


The red-haired man asked Jimmy, “What manner of lady love would you have, if you could?”

Jimmy answered the question with scratch-where-it-itches honesty: “Girls with hot figures, and hot hair, and makeup, and clothes. By hot, I mean super-hot—they look like strippers and porn actresses. Girls who will do anything and everything with their boyfriends—anytime, anywhere, doesn’t matter if someone is watching. But while they’re totally faithful to their man, they don’t get upset if their boyfriend has another girl on the side. In fact, they’ll have a threesome with that other girl, if that’s what their boyfriend wants.”

Jimmy did not know that the red-haired man was a leprechaun, or that the leprechaun owed Jimmy the grant of a small wish. All Jimmy knew was that afterward, every woman he touched—even accidentally—become more bimbo-like each day, and that Jimmy got all the benefit of this. Jimmy’s control-freak girlfriend had no problem with his enjoying bimbos—because she was becoming a bimbo too.

Note: This is a semi-sequel to Names Have Power: Tim’s Magic Voice Makes A Harem

Tags: bimboization, bimbos, coming of age, erotica, harem, leprechaun, lesbian to bi, magic, male dominant, male-female, mind control, oral sex, risk of getting caught, slow transformation, submissive female, threesome, virtue rewarded, wish granted

The novella is 18,200 words.


3 thoughts on “Ebook Coming Soon: BIMBO-MIDAS: HIS MAGIC TOUCH CHANGES WOMEN

  1. Hey Doc. Back in May your blog had an article “Doctor MC Answers His THREE MORE WISHES Critics”. I left a reply telling your critics that if they didn’t like your work they should STOP READING IT. You thanked me for my comments and said “I’m working on something else right now, but I have a third Marvin/Fatima book in the planning stage.” I’m hoping that BIMBO-MIDAS was that something else and your next book is the Marvin/Fatima sequel/prequel. Any comments?

  2. I might or might not write another book before I write the Marvin/Fatima sequel. But don’t worry, Marvin/Fatima III will happen. I’ve got the cover image planned out, and have a loose outline for the plot.

    BIMBO-MIDAS is a sort-of sequel to Names Have Power—new characters except for the SUV Driver (Golden God), who plays a supporting role.

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