A Second Look at My Four-Year-Old Blog Post

Yesterday I was rereading How and Why I Wrote It: THREE MORE WISHES. I posted HOW & WHY four years ago yesterday. Since then, I’ve written a second book in the THREE MORE WISHES universe, One More Genie, and I now am writing More Genie Problems.

My post of four years ago discussed the tropes in genie-wishes stories. I mentioned in that post that one of the tropes was that the genie-master would find the Vessel in an out-of-the-way location. In my later books, I’ve followed that trope—

Vinnie Lavagetto (in One More Genie) finds his lamp hidden behind the wall of a centuries-old house. Now in More Genie Problems, Elvira LeClerc finds her lamp in a mud-pile by a house that has been torn down.

Four years ago, I explained in Three More Wishes the reason for the trope of the genie-master summoning the genie by rubbing the lamp. After reading Three More Wishes, a reader would know that any two-handed working of the lamp would summon its genie—

Sure enough, in More Genie Problems, Marvin summons Sumera (a second genie, in a second lamp) by slapping the lamp.

In Three More Wishes, I explained how Fatima, a powerful djinni, could be shoved into a brass lamp and kept there: God put her there. Since then, I’ve realized that there are a few other beings who are more powerful that a djinni

In One More Genie, I make one angel be more powerful than three entire tribes of djinn.

Now while writing More Genie Problems, I’ve figured out that one demon from Hell can sweep the floor with one djinni, and a minor god is likewise much more powerful than a djinni. This creates complications (at least for the djinn characters).

Four years ago, I discussed the genie-wishes trope of the genie twisting the wording of a wish, in order to turn the wish-grant into something that the wisher doesn’t want—

Sure enough, in One More Genie, I show genie Kharmesh twisting Vinnie Lavagetto’s wishes.

Now in More Genie Problems, I write Marvin and Fatima coaching Elvira in the wording of wishes that genie Sumera is to grant. Marvin helps Elvira in this because he’s a nice guy; Fatima helps out because as much as Fatima dislikes Elvira, Fatima hates Sumera. (The emnity between Fatima and Sumera goes back at least twenty-six hundred years.)


Three More Wishes: Be Kind to Your Genie

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One More Genie

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