I still have to write only the Crisis/Resolution and Epilogue. I’m hoping to put the book up for sale between November 30th and December 7th.

Currently, the incomplete book’s size is 270 pages (trade-paperback-sized pages) or 68,600 words.

In Chapter 25, I just finished writing the scene that MORE GENIE PROBLEMS’s cover image is supposed to illustrate.


18 thoughts on “The End Is Near! (For MORE GENIE PROBLEMS)

  1. Can’t wait.

    Any word on your other book (The Inseminator) you spoke of back in May. Hopefully it will do for “The Terminator” series what your “The Bimborg” book did for Star Trek. I mean, full of hidden Easter Eggs and lots of bad puns (just joking about the BAD part).

    • For right now, I’m stuck. In any case, I’ve discovered that trying to think about two different stories at the same time does not really work for me—it seems my brain cannot multitask at fiction. When I finish with MORE GENIE PROBLEMS, I’ll look at THE INSEMINATOR again. Hopefully, then I will become unstuck. If worse comes to worse, I’ll kick THE INSEMINATOR down the road and work on another idea I have: my softcore-porn version of a Western.

      In short: So far as THE INSEMINATOR goes … [Austrian accent]I’ll be back.[/Aa]

    • *sigh* Obviously, I’m running behind schedule, and I apologize for disappointing you. Now I hope to finish writing the book by December 15th. I’ll put up another blog post by then.

      • Wow, Michael and Brandon, you have made my day. And you can bet your ration, Jackson, about that.

        As for the novel, I’m currently writing the Happily Ever After chapter—very fun.

      • Hey a great writer deserves to be told how much they keep their readers in anticipation

      • Also was having thoughts that you’d be a great author for the developing genre of LitRPG.

      • Sorry Brandon, I guess I’m just an old man whose out of touch. What is LitRPG?

    • So LitRPG is a newer genre of books that uses the MMORPG gaming genre and that framework to express fantasy novels in a new fashion. There’s usually an element of virtual reality (i.e. D Rus’ Play to Live series) or there’s a god or goddess involved (I.e. Aleron Kong’s the Land Series or Scottie Fultchs Origin ARS). Given the fantasy elements of your books as well as the other elements of the series the framework of the MMORPG would allow for several possible stories.

    • I’ve played D&D for years, I’ve just never heard it associated with Literature. It almost sounds like a choose-your-own adventure type of story.

  2. I agree! I can also see you authoring a “choose the next action” sort of book, where the readers picks what happens next. Fun! Boinking vs. Shopping!

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