Here’s what it’s about—

In this, the third novel about Marvin Harper and his genie Fatima, Marvin has more problems of every kind.

Shrill feminist Michelle Landrieu-LeClerc has been an occasional annoyance to Marvin in Three More Wishes and One More Genie; now Michelle steps up her game. She makes a demon-pact with pink-haired succubus Fanzelle, and Marvin Harper is targeted by the pact.

Succubus Fanzelle uses her authority under the pact to make the “hero billionaire” be no longer a billionaire, and she does her damnedest (pun intended) to make Marvin be no longer a hero. Fanzelle makes Marvin be five-foot-two and puny-muscled again, and there is nothing that Fatima can do to reverse this.

In the process of making Marvin be both un-billionaire and un-hero, Fanzelle kills and damns a character who has appeared in both of the first two books.

But the ambitions of Fanzelle the succubus run beyond ruining Marvin’s life and collecting Michelle’s soul. Fanzelle is using the demon-pact as a springboard to cause a second war between Heaven and Hell. If Hell wins, Earth will become a literal Hell for humans; if Heaven wins, Judgment Day will immediately follow. Either way, humans have a problem, and only Marvin and his genies know about the problem.

Marvin can command two other genies besides Fatima, but those other genies are not much help. Roshradzam, the Genie of the Ring, wants to help Marvin—but he is from Brown Tribe, so he is a magical weakling. Sumera is from Blue Tribe, so it is no surprise that she gives Marvin headaches; but beyond that, Sumera is a world-class diva.

Speaking of giving Marvin headaches, twin Elvira LeClerc learns something unflattering to Marvin at the beginning of More Genie Problems; Elvira goes back to acting self-centered and quarrelsome.

Can Marvin prevent a second war between Hell and Heaven?

Tags: action, alpha male, apocalypse, billionaire, damsel in distress, demon pact, demons and Hell, female submissive, genie, harem, Judgment Day, magic, male dominant, male-female, mind control, oral sex, sexy, threesome, virtue rewarded

The novel is 82,900 words. This novel follows both Three More Wishes: Be Kind to Your Genie and One More Genie.

Like I said, it’s now for sale—

MORE GENIE PROBLEMS—first six chapters are FREE!
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4 thoughts on “MORE GENIE PROBLEMS Is for Sale!

    • Did you really stay up all night reading the novel? Because I noticed that you left a five-star review the next day (Dec. 23rd). THANKS for that five-star review, by the way.

      Are there any other thoughts about the book that you’d like to share, now that you’re rested?

  1. Actually I stayed up to about 3 AM reading and got a little over 1/2 way thru. The second half I finished the next day. I did leave a review which amazon is in the prcess of reviewing and should be posted in a few days. In short, I loved it. The plot was good, the pacing was lively, and the character development for both old and new characters was spot on (BTW any thoughts of a sequel to Tim Hanson, perhaps with the LeClerc twins).

    • Readers keep asking for a Tim Hanson sequel, but I haven’t thought of one. When he learned how to control his Power, and remained conscientious enough to not abuse his Power, his story ceased to be interesting, and so I ended it.

      As for the twins, the book ended with them living in [a different city]. They would presumably come home from time to time to visit, but I can’t imagine them interacting with Hanson. Unless Elvira drove to the dealership with the express purpose of reading Tim Hanson the Riot Act.

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