Two New Stories Are in the Works


There are two stories that I’m working on right now.

(And alas, The Inseminator is not one of those stories; it’s still stalled.)

Ring of the Wizard Vampire

Mage Draco was not only a nasty vampire, he was also an evil sorcerer. But then Mage Draco was slain on Charlie’s front lawn. Now Charlie has claimed for himself Draco’s ring, which can hypnotize and reprogram vampires, vampire minions, and unbitten humans. But just because the nastiest vampire is now ash does not mean that the vampire problem in Suburba is over. When Charlie is not scoring hot babes, he’s fighting pale bloodsuckers.

The Mind-Power Avenger

Ploryunv, an alien, is stranded on Earth, and eighteen-year-old John Bradford helps Ploryunv fix his spaceship. In the process, Ploryunv uses an alien device on John that enables John to use all of his brain. That same day, John’s parents are murdered by mobsters. Yes, John has mind-control powers now; and yes, John uses those powers to get sex; but mainly what John wants is payback against scumbags who think themselves safe.

This is the first story in the THE MIND-POWER AVENGER series. Think what The Shadow would be like if he weren’t so prissy about using his “power to cloud men’s minds”; or imagine The Punisher with mind-control powers.


4 thoughts on “Two New Stories Are in the Works

    • RING OF THE WIZARD VAMPIRE is now for sale. For more info, click on “About Doctor MC, Mad Scientist,” just below the banner at the top of this page. Currently the book is for sale on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords; Kobo is coming soon.

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