A Picture that Inspired a Chapter

two blond hotties holding handsSource: someone’s Tumblr blog

The strangest things can inspire a story, or inspire part of a story. An insurance agent named Tom Clancy read a news story about a mutiny on a Soviet minesweeper, asked himself, “What if the unhappy vessel was a state-of-the-art silent submarine instead of a minesweeper,” and this idea became Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October. I saw a picture on the internet, and it inspired Chapter 5 in Ring of the Wizard Vampire.

Why I like the picture—

• The two women are each young, toned, busty, blond hotties.

• The two blondes are holding hands, which tells me that they’re girlfriends of some kind.

• The blonde on the left is showing a big, beauty-queen smile, which to me doubles a beautiful woman’s hotness.

• The blonde on the right looks a little confused, which adds to her other bimbo qualities.

Now, I know nothing about the two women pictured—I don’t know either of their names, or what kind of friends they are, or what was going on when the picture was taken. I don’t know their personalities, or their histories.

Which means that I’m free to make everything up!

Charlie Moore (my hero) meets my fictional version of these two women in Chapter 5 of Ring of the Wizard Vampire, coming soon.


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