Charlie Moore was an ordinary man—until he watched three vampires be killed in his front yard on a winter night. One of those three vampires to die was the notorious Mage Draco—both evil and powerful as an elder vampire, Mage Draco was also skilled in black magic.

Vampires normally cannot hypnotize the living, but Mage Draco could. Mage Draco had enchanted a man’s ring so that, when the ring was rubbed, it would hypnotize anyone, whether human or vampire.

After Mage Draco turned to ash, Charlie took Mage Draco’s ring—mainly to keep bad guys from getting it. (Vampiress Elizabeth fiercely wanted the ring, but Charlie moved faster.)

Soon after, Charlie discovered he could use the hypnotic ring to get sex.

Then Charlie learned that two vampires had come to town, and they were just as evil as Mage Draco. These two vampires did what Mage Draco could not: they killed the local head vampire-hunter. Now ordinary Charlie must fight these evil vampires, with only his brains and his magic ring as weapons.

Tags: action, damsel in distress, female submissive, female-female, harem, hypnosis, magic, male dominant, male-female, mind control, no sex by vampires, no sex with vampires, oral sex, sexy, straight female to bi, threesome, vampires, virtue rewarded

The novel is 30,200 words. This story is set in the same universe as Ye Olde Book of Magic.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All ebooks by this publisher are free of DRM (Digital Rights Meddling).


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