My MARVIN AND FATIMA Compilation: Tweaked Title, Tweaked Cover

New MARVIN AND FATIMA COMPILATION CoverCover art by Commotion22

Previously the title of the compilation was Marvin and Fatima Three-in-One, and the subtitle was “Wishes, Genies, Sex, and Death.” But now I’ve made the former subtitle be the title, and I’ve demoted the former title to subtitle.

Above is the revised front cover.


5 thoughts on “My MARVIN AND FATIMA Compilation: Tweaked Title, Tweaked Cover

  1. Hey Doc,

    For those of us who’ve already bought all 3 of the Marvin and Fatima books, what are the chances of somehow only getting (or even (gulp) purchasing) the bonus story?

  2. Jeez, Mike, I’m sorry. If I sold the new story just by itself, I’d have to commission a new cover for it; and I don’t think the extra sales of just the short story would pay for the cover. (The bonus story is only 13 thousand words, so the only price I could sell it at, if sold separately, would be $2.99.) The best I can do is to price the compilation at $6.99, which is only a dollar more than the price of _Three More Wishes_ alone.

      • OK, I went ahead and bought the compilation just to read the short story and I must say I loved it. I especially loved Kristin’s comment about authors who publish their stories on Amazon. Keep writing stories like this and your upcoming “Inseminator” and “The Mind-Power Avenger” series and you MAY eventually reach Kristin’s standards.

  3. Kristin says that the authors who publish ebooks on Amazon are “hacks”; if they were any good, they’d be published by “a real publisher.” Kristin is wrong; Real publishers are thieves who steal an author’s book in all but name, and turn him into a beggar in the snow. But I’ve encountered many outsiders who have that attitude, and it frustrates me. The irony is how you read Kristin’s fictional rant—was it in a hardcover novel published by a publisher with a Manhattan address? No, you read her words in an ebook that you bought on Amazon.

    I’m glad you enjoyed “Kristin Tells (Mostly) All.”

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