FREE Sample Chapters

NAMES HAVE POWER—First 1-2/3 Chapters

THREE MORE WISHES—First Three Chapters

THE BIMBORG—First Three Chapters

First two paragraphs of short story CAPTIVE OF THE BARBARIAN KING

First 1-1/2 pages of short story THE HYPNO-TALKER OF ZLAR (HTOZ1)

First two chapters of short story HYPNO-TALKER’S FIRST DOWNLOAD (HTOZ2)

First two chapters of short story REVENGE AT COLLEGE (HTOZ3)

Chapters 1 and 2 of short story NERD SAVES WOMEN (HTOZ4)

First nine chapters of ONE MORE GENIE

First two chapters of short story YE OLDE BOOK OF MAGIC

First three chapters of short story BIMBO-MIDAS

First six chapters of MORE GENIE PROBLEMS

First 1-1/2 chapters of RING OF THE WIZARD VAMPIRE

First three chapters of THE MIND-POWER AVENGER

3 thoughts on “FREE Sample Chapters

  1. would be nice to be able to get these in the uk, amazon says I need to live in the US to get the e-book…

  2. I didn’t know until now that Barnes & Noble doesn’t have a UK website. Wow.

    All my Kindle books that are available in the USA are available everywhere in the world that Amazon has a national website. Furthermore, since my Kindle books are DRM-free, if you buy the Kindle file, you can convert it to EPUB (which is what the Nook takes) via the free ebook-conversion program Calibre.

    Here are the links to my books on Amazon UK:

    Names Have Power:

    Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie:

    The Bimborg: Part Nanobot, All Woman:

    Captive Of The Barbarian King:

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