MARVIN AND FATIMA Cover PictureCover art by Commotion22

As a reminder, this book will be a compilation of my three previous novels about wishes and genies—

Three More Wishes: Be Kind to Your Genie
One More Genie
More Genie Problems: Can the Hero Billionaire Hold off Judgment Day?

Along with those three novels, I also am writing a short story for the compilation, “Kristin Tells (Mostly) All.” Kristin Curry is a freshman at Smith College, the elite private women’s college in Massachusetts. After she is accidentally outed as a former haremée of Marvin Harper’s, she gives an interview to the school newspaper that becomes national news. (I haven’t figured out what happens after that, and right now I’m working on finishing up The Mind-Power Avenger.)

For more information about the individual novels in the compilation, including links to sample chapters, click on the “About Doctor MC, Mad Scientist” tab above.



I will be publishing an ebook compilation of the three stories in the MOREverse:

Three More Wishes: Be Kind to Your Genie
One More Genie
More Genie Problems: Can the Hero Billionaire Hold off Judgment Day?

The ebook will also contain a MOREverse-set short story. But right now, I haven’t figured out what the story will be about.

A new cover has been commissioned, from Commotion22 (who did all the previous MOREverse artwork). The art will be of Marvin and Fatima gazing at each other, while Fatima makes either a fireball or a green-lightning ball; Marvin’s private jet will be in the background.

The compilation will not be released in paperback, because you couldn’t afford it if it were.

A Second Look at My Four-Year-Old Blog Post

Yesterday I was rereading How and Why I Wrote It: THREE MORE WISHES. I posted HOW & WHY four years ago yesterday. Since then, I’ve written a second book in the THREE MORE WISHES universe, One More Genie, and I now am writing More Genie Problems.

My post of four years ago discussed the tropes in genie-wishes stories. I mentioned in that post that one of the tropes was that the genie-master would find the Vessel in an out-of-the-way location. In my later books, I’ve followed that trope—

Vinnie Lavagetto (in One More Genie) finds his lamp hidden behind the wall of a centuries-old house. Now in More Genie Problems, Elvira LeClerc finds her lamp in a mud-pile by a house that has been torn down.

Four years ago, I explained in Three More Wishes the reason for the trope of the genie-master summoning the genie by rubbing the lamp. After reading Three More Wishes, a reader would know that any two-handed working of the lamp would summon its genie—

Sure enough, in More Genie Problems, Marvin summons Sumera (a second genie, in a second lamp) by slapping the lamp.

In Three More Wishes, I explained how Fatima, a powerful djinni, could be shoved into a brass lamp and kept there: God put her there. Since then, I’ve realized that there are a few other beings who are more powerful that a djinni

In One More Genie, I make one angel be more powerful than three entire tribes of djinn.

Now while writing More Genie Problems, I’ve figured out that one demon from Hell can sweep the floor with one djinni, and a minor god is likewise much more powerful than a djinni. This creates complications (at least for the djinn characters).

Four years ago, I discussed the genie-wishes trope of the genie twisting the wording of a wish, in order to turn the wish-grant into something that the wisher doesn’t want—

Sure enough, in One More Genie, I show genie Kharmesh twisting Vinnie Lavagetto’s wishes.

Now in More Genie Problems, I write Marvin and Fatima coaching Elvira in the wording of wishes that genie Sumera is to grant. Marvin helps Elvira in this because he’s a nice guy; Fatima helps out because as much as Fatima dislikes Elvira, Fatima hates Sumera. (The emnity between Fatima and Sumera goes back at least twenty-six hundred years.)


Three More Wishes: Be Kind to Your Genie

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One More Genie

First nine chapters of ONE MORE GENIE—FREE!
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MORE GENIE PROBLEMS Sales Blurb (First Draft)

In More Genie Problems, the third novel about Marvin Harper and his genie Fatima, Marvin has more problems of every kind.

Shrill feminist Michelle LeClerc has been an occasional annoyance to Marvin in Three More Wishes and One More Genie; now Michelle steps up her game. She makes a demon-pact with pink-haired succubus Fanzelle, and Marvin Harper is targeted by the pact.

Succubus Fanzelle uses her authority under the pact to make the “hero billionaire” be no longer a billionaire, and she does her damnedest (pun intended) to make Marvin be no longer a hero. Fanzelle makes Marvin be five-foot-two and puny-muscled again, and there is nothing that Fatima can do to reverse this.

In the process of making Marvin be both un-billionaire and un-hero, Fanzelle kills and damns a character who has appeared in both of the first two books.

But the ambitions of Fanzelle the succubus run beyond ruining Marvin’s life and collecting Michelle’s soul. Fanzelle is using the demon-pact as a springboard to cause a second war between Heaven and Hell. If Hell wins, Earth will become a literal Hell for humans; if Heaven wins, Judgment day will immediately follow. Either way, humans have a problem, and only Marvin and his genies know about the problem.

Marvin can command two other genies besides Fatima, but those other genies are not much help. Roshradzam, the Genie of the Ring, wants to help Marvin—but he is from Brown Tribe, so he is a magical weakling. Sumera has a rotten attitude, even for someone from Blue Tribe, so she gives Marvin headaches.

Speaking of giving Marvin headaches, Elvira learns something unflattering to Marvin at the beginning of More Genie Problems; Elvira goes back to acting the bitch.

I’ve Started Work On Two Books

More Genie Problems (third book in the Three More Wishes series)—Bad girl Elvira LeClerc finds a genie lamp. Bad-girl djinni Sumera of the Blue Tribe is who comes out of Elvira’s lamp.

The Inseminator—a cybernetic man comes from the future and creates problems in the present. He has been engineered to be the ultimate Alpha Male.

Planned quote from the story: “Come with me if you want to ****.”

When I have more news to report about More Genie Problems or The Inseminator … I’ll be back.

Doctor MC Answers His THREE MORE WISHES Critics


Cover art and all four interior illustrations by Commotion22

My bestselling story, Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie, has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5.0 stars, based on thirteen reviews. Ten reviews out of thirteen gave my book either four stars or five stars, nobody gave my book three stars, and three reviewers trashed my book. C’est l’Amazon.

Out of the ten reviewers, the two reviewers who were clearly women (Moonlight Dolphin and Jill Soft) each gave Three More Wishes five stars.

But let’s hear from my three critics, before I answer them—

**ooo [2 stars out of five] Be Kind To Women Instead
By Kindle Customer “Gene” on December 25, 2014

a good teenage male fantasy which is good for the male ego but will turn women off as it treats them as sex objects and the hero uses the powers to make them have sex with him and control their minds as he makes them do things they wouldn’t want to do. He then sets himself up as judge and jury over women’s lives. God is mentioned here but it seems like God would’ve disapproved of this mistreatment of half the human race.

*oooo [1 star out of five] Horrible
By JoshuaJustin on March 11, 2015

This book is bad, really bad. It’s teenage fantasy garbage with no real plot. The whole book seems like it was written by a virgin that watches too much porn. The characters are empty and unbelievable. Horrible fantasy, horrible erotica. Oh and the author keeps breaking the fourth wall and it’s obnoxious. I have nothing good to say about this book.

*oooo [1 star out of five] Creepy
By Jason76 on May 12, 2015

Before I read this book, I read one of the reviews that basically wondered whether this author has ever had sex before. At the time, I thought that reviewer was being overly harsh, now I’m not so sure. I like a good male fantasy story as much as the next guy, however my fantasy is not to have sex with women after I’ve taken away their free will. This character was basically a walking, talking ruffie [roofie]. Creeped me out.


—So I’m a virgin now? My ex-wife would be very surprised.

It looks like I need to remind people what my “About The Author” blurb says, near the bottom of Three More Wish’s Amazon page:

Doctor MC currently is plotting his 1,632nd scheme to conquer the world. Obviously he has not succeeded yet, but Doctor MC remains optimistic. Doctor MC did manage to replace Bill Clinton’s wife with a robot.

When not trying to rule the world, Doctor MC writes novels featuring male dominance, mind control, and harems, in a magical or science-fiction setting. “Chick Lit” these stories aren’t.

Visit Doctor MC’s blog for information about upcoming novels and stories:

I think what has so upset my three critics is that I make no attempt to write for anyone other than myself. Mind control has always interested me, as far back as elementary school. So now, I write erotic stories that have mind control in them.

Neither do I write to hit a particular audience. If there is one thing that all the how-to-write-fiction books agree on, it is that trying to “write for the market” will only bring a writer heartache. The writers who have made it big—Tom Clancy, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, etc.—still write the books that they themselves want to read, but it turns out that the rest of us want to read those books too.

The reason that I point out that I don’t write for the market is that the majority of bookbuyers are women. If I were being published by a big Manhattan publisher, my publisher would insist that I pander to a female audience. (For instance, a Manhattan-published version of Three More Wishes would be guaranteed to have a bare-chested Marvin Harper, instead of Fatima the genie, on the cover; and Manhattan’s version of Fatima would never ever, not once, call Marvin “Master.”) But what if I refused to pander to a female audience? Then my Manhattan publisher would rip up my contract and require me to repay my advance.

In the real world, at least a few women buy Three More Wishes and love it as I’ve written it, and this delights me. But I didn’t write this book for a female audience, nor will I revise my story to make it more pleasing to female readers.

My critics take me to task for writing women characters in my fantasy story that real women (or real feminists, at least) loudly object to. My critics’ attitude is considered acceptable, because it is politically correct. Funny, but it’s considered rude and whiny for me, a real man, to object to how men-characters are portrayed in female-written sex-fantasy fiction.

In a notorious fan-fiction story that was published in 1973, James T. Kirk fell in love with Ensign Mary Sue Smith, to the point where he was willing to give up command of the Enterprise in order to give her foot-rubs for the rest of his life. (Never mind that the average man’s career means too much to him for he to even think of giving his career up for love; and that this is doubly true for Captain Kirk.)

My point is that Mary Sue Smith lives on—there is lots of women’s erotica that is published in 2015 that writes about “men” who will give up everything that they are, and everything that they do, in order to give the main (female) character 24/7 foot-rubs and cunnilingus. All the “men” in these stories become, by the end of the story, mere beta-male pussy-whipped wusses, nothing more than the heroines’ gigolo and bodyguard. Ah, but what if a man in these stories is described as an “alpha male”? Then at the end, he’s been turned into a beta-male pussy-whipped wuss who still has great pecs and a six-pack, and to whom less-muscular beta-male wusses still defer. These “alpha males” are reduced to saying, “Me Tarzan, you Jane—is that okay, honey?”

But I didn’t write Marvin as that kind of so-called alpha male. I wrote him as a youth who is magically changed into a man whom other men respect, whom women desire, and who naturally takes charge when a problem arises. Marvin’s magic pheromones are just icing on the cake. As a true alpha male, Marvin does not apologize when he asks for a blowjob, nor does he feel obligated to “return the favor” if a haremée offers Marvin a blowjob; such an attitude makes politically correct people shudder and wring their hands.

Does all this mean that Marvin is a jerk? Not at all—his genie Fatima has given him responsibility for many women’s lives, Marvin takes his responsibilities seriously, and he tries to improve the lives of everyone around him. But he is no woman’s servant.

One thing that my three critics don’t mention, and I must confess that this annoys me, is that Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie is much more than a stroke-story. You’ll find character development, plot, and world-building in my book. Chapter 41 ends with a cliffhanger.

Kindle Customer “Gene” wrote that Marvin goes around deciding how every woman in the story will live her life. Not so; Marvin lives by the motto of “With great power must come great responsibility”; so when he finds himself with power in a woman’s life, he does everything he can to improve that woman’s life. Only a week after Marvin makes his wishes, he becomes famous nationwide as the “hero billionaire,” and he spends the rest of the story living up to that label. However, there are indeed two women in the story for whom Marvin decides “This is how it’s going to be, and this is what you’re going to do”: Paula Sarin and Elvira LeClerc. Paula Sarin is the villain of the story, and tries to evade her punishment at the end; and Elvira is one of two evil twins who tried to frame a woman for drug possession; Marvin gets Elvira and her sister arrested, then posts the twins’ bail.

JoshuaJustin was bothered that Marvin sometimes talks directly to the reader. By the story’s very nature of “I said … I did,” Marvin is telling this story to someone, right? Well, Marvin has the biggest secret on Earth, that he owns a no-shit genie lamp, so to whom would he tell his secret? No friend of Marvin’s can be trusted to know this secret, the temptation is too big, and there are some things about Marvin’s new life that his parents would not want to be told. So by elimination, Marvin tells his story to the reader of his posthumous autobiography, and sometimes Marvin addresses this reader directly. (SPOILER WARNING: Marvin does the same thing in One More Genie, the sequel.)

Finally, what’s the deal on making my villain be a thinly-disguised Sarah Palin? Well, in 2010, when I started writing this story, I asked myself, “About what famous person could it be most believable that they got where they are by a genie’s wish-grant, rather than by hard work and talent?”—Sarah Palin topped the list.

Finally-finally, I’m replying in this blog post to the three reviewers of Three More Wishes who gave me one or two stars out of five on Amazon; but please note: Seven reviewers each gave my book five stars.

Information about ALL OF my books and stories
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ONE MORE GENIE: Almost Ready To Publish


The first draft is done, and the full (wraparound) cover has been designed. It won’t be long before the book is published.

Here’s the sales blurb—


For the past four years, Marvin Harper has had a great life. His wife loves him, his housekeeper loves him, he has a live-in harem, and he’s famous to millions of Americans as the “hero billionaire.”

Only a few people know that Marvin is a genie-master, like Aladdin once was. Because Marvin is kind and unselfish, his genie Fatima actually gave him more than he’d wished for, four years ago.

But in the world are four other Vessels besides Fatima’s lamp, and four other genies. Vinnie Lavagetto, a Mafia hit man, finds the lamp with big blue genie Kharmesh in it. Eventually Vinnie will become Marvin’s sworn enemy—and Kharmesh has been Fatima’s enemy for twenty-six centuries.

But Marvin has another problem, one he doesn’t know about.

Long ago, six djinn were put into Vessels as hostages, so that the three Tribes of djinn would never fight the Djinn War. The Djinn War, had it happened, would have caused millions of human casualties. Binding six djinn worked as a plan—the Djinn War was stopped before it started, and the Tribes have never fought since. But Hakeezib, Chief of the Blue Tribe of Djinn, has been spoiling for a fight since 632 B.C.

Tags: magic, genie, male dominant, sexy, mind control, threesome, romance, alpha male, damsel in distress, female submissive, harem, male-female, maledom, oral sex, lesbian submissive, wish, Mafia, virtue rewarded

The novel is 49,500 words. This is the sequel to Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie.

ONE MORE GENIE: Status Update And Excerpt

Recall that this novel is my sequel to Three More Wishes. I’m pleased to report that I’ll be finishing One More Genie soon. Last night I finished up Chapter 29 (“My Enemy Is Active”). Here’s how the chapter ended (yes, I love cliffhangers)—


[Setup: Marvin, Anna Kay, Almira, and Elvira are staying at a motel in Unionville, West Virginia. Marvin is walking back to the motel from a local bar.]

By now the time was after 11 p.m., and I was feeling exhausted. But while I was still out of earshot of Anna Kay, Almira, and Elvira, I decided to phone my genie.

But when I called Fatima, I got a message, “The number you have called is not a working number.”

Huh? How can this be?

I called Fatima again. This time I was told, “This call cannot be completed as dialed.”

This is impossible! Fatima had a magical fake-phone that was directly tied into mine. Not only did this mean that our calls could never be tapped, but it meant that my calls to her, and her calls to me, always went through.

I was trying to figure out how this could be happening, and how to fix it, when I got a horrible thought.

I ran the remaining distance to the Unionville Inn, ran through the parking lot, and jammed my key into the door lock for Room 111.

Nobody was inside.

The television was on; I turned it off. On the dresser by the television were three smartphones, and a plastic ice bucket that had melted ice in it. Both beds were made; though on the twins’ bed, two pillows had been pulled out and laid lengthwise against the headboard.

I tried calling Fatima with my smartphone again. I still had no luck connecting with her.

The room phone rang.

Aladdin Will Be On The ONE MORE GENIE Cover

The publisher has just commissioned Commotion22 (again) to do the cover art for One More Genie. Here’s the part of the email that describes the cover:

DESCRIPTION OF ART: The setting for this picture will be the “Arabian Dreams” set (Arab-palace set) that you bought recently. Decorating the set is at your discretion. Lighting is to be DAYLIGHT. Pictured, going from right to left (or from left to right, at your discretion):

1) Princess Badroulbadour. She is young and attractive, and dressed expensively but modestly. She is wearing slippers. She is touching, and is totally focused on–

2) Aladdin. The model for “Arab Outfit M4” is how I picture him. He is dressed expensively, and does not have much facial hair. He is wearing shoes or slippers. He does not look like Disney’s Aladdin (who among other things, is clean-shaven). Conspicuous on one of his fingers (left hand or right hand, your discretion) is a bejeweled ring. Aladdin is looking directly at the camera, and is grinning.

2a) Aladdin is holding the Lamp in his right hand. It’s the same prop as before, but this time the Lamp is yellow and shiny.

3) Kharmesh the genie. He has blue skin and dark-blue facial hair; a bejeweled turban covers up his scalp hair. He is very tall, and very muscular; like your Beezle-Bob figure, but blue. Kharmesh has more facial hair than Aladdin. Kharmesh wears curly-toed slippers (optional). Kharmesh is looking at Aladdin with a self-satisfied expression.

4) Fatima. She is slightly upstage of (behind) Kharmesh, so that it is clear that she is facing only Kharmesh and is ignoring the two humans. Her mouth has a sideways scowl, her eyes are looking at the ceiling, and she has her hands up in a “What am I to do about you?” expression.

For those of you who tuned in late, Fatima is the main genie character in Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie.

Edit 2015.01.09—

The cover is finished; here’s a piece of it.

ONE MORE GENIE cover, cropped

I Now Have All Nine Novels And Stories On Smashwords

The prices at Smashwords are the same as other stores. But in the Smashwords Store, you get your choice of formats—

• MOBI (read on Kindle e-readers)
• EPUB (read on Nook e-readers)
• PDF (read everywhere)
• RTF format (read on tablets, laptops, and desktops)
• LRF format
• the original DOC file

Smashwords also has the publisher supply a “short description” (not more than 400 characters) that tells what the book is about. That way, you know whether or not you want to go to that book’s page and read the full sales blurb.

I now demonstrate the short description, nine times—


Tim Hanson, an honest young car dealer, tries to save the life of a dying man after a traffic accident. But the whole “accident” was a test by an ancient god, and Tim was the first human to pass the test. The god rewards Tim with a magic power—but the god doesn’t tell Tim what the magic power is, or how it works.

Apple BLOCKED! But you can buy the ebook in EPUB format through Smashwords
NAMES HAVE POWER in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


Why do genies give you three wishes, not just one? Then when the genie grants your three wishes, it’s game over, right? A good guy learns the answers to these questions. The novel comes with four full-color illustrations inside.

THREE MORE WISHES in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


A mad scientist turns 22 million Earth women into sex cyborgs. Five years later, these sex cyborgs, plus one brave young man, are all that can save Earth’s billions of people from the Cybes (evil cyborgs from the future). But what about the 27th century’s Space Navy, which regularly defeats the Cybes? The Space Navy gets prevented from ever existing. This is a Star Trek parody.

Kindle BLOCKED! But you can buy the ebook in MOBI format through Smashwords
THE BIMBORG in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


An almost-virgin is captured by a sexy foreign king, and her future hangs on how well she pleasures him in bed that first night. But first, for his own reasons, the king spends much time pleasuring her. The author wrote this long ago for his then-fiancée.

CAPTIVE OF THE BARBARIAN KING in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


An alien spaceship lands in suburban Wheat City and hypnotizes the neighborhood women to get naked and board the spaceship. The U. S. Army shows up, kills the aliens, takes the women off the ship—then loads the women onto trucks and takes them away. It’s up to old man Kevin, a partly deaf, Vietnam-era draftee, to rescue his neighbors from the Army.

THE HYPNO-TALKER OF ZLAR in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


A mysterious man, VietVetElecEngnr51, has uploaded plans for something called a “hypno-talker” to a pirate site. Everyone on the internet is convinced that the hypno-talker is a fraud. But Odysseus is in a desperate situation at work, so he downloads the hypno-talker plans, builds the device, and uses it.

HYPNO-TALKER’S FIRST DOWNLOAD in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


Jerry Green wasn’t socially skilled. He asked hottie Cindy, who was way out of his league, for a date. But Cindy didn’t tell Jerry “No,” or even “Are you kidding?” Instead, Cindy set up Jerry to be played for a fool and publicly humiliated. Now Jerry wants revenge on Cindy and the other girls who helped set up the cruel “prank.” Thanks to a hypno-talker, Jerry might get his revenge.

REVENGE AT COLLEGE in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


Nineteen woman, from nineteen different countries—first, aliens kidnapped them and forced the women to give birth to alien babies. Then when the aliens released the women, immediately the U. S. Army kidnapped them. Now Egbert, a college-age nerd, wants to rescue the women, with the help of a stripper and an old man. The only weapon that Egbert owns is a wooden practice sword.

NERD SAVES WOMEN in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats


Contains four stories about aliens kidnapping women to make alien babies, U. S. government conspiracies, hypnotic alien technology, revenge, nineteen damsels in distress, synthesized gold, and nerds getting sex.

THE HYPNO-TALKERS OF ZLAR FOUR-IN-ONE in the Smashwords Store—your choice of formats

Now Being Written: ONE MORE GENIE

A few weeks ago, I got a fan email from a reader that made my day. The email said (I’m paraphrasing), “I bought Three More Wishes a year ago, and I’ve read it from front to back three times since then. I love it! Please write a sequel.”

I wrote back: “Thanks for the kind words, but I have no plans for a sequel.”

Well, the subconscious is a funny thing. As soon as he wrote me, I started coming up with ideas. And now I have enough of an idea to start writing the sequel. One More Genie is its title.

Here’s the premise—

Long ago, in order to prevent the Djinn War, King Solomon put six djinn into Vessels—two each from the Blue, Green, and Pink Tribes. Now Fatima is out of her lamp 99.9 percent of the time, and Jerngert is dead, which leaves four bound djinn trapped in their Vessels. (Vessels = brass lamps, brass bottles, or a hollow ring.)

(I’m ignoring the Brown Tribe djinni who is trapped in the hollow ring. His story isn’t relevant for this summary.)

Of those four Vessel-bound djinn, there is one djinni whom Fatima fiercely hates: Kharmesh of the Blue Tribe. In the Djinn War that King Solomon stopped before it started, Fatima and Kharmesh were enemies. On top of that, Fatima thinks Kharmesh is a jerk and an asshole. Fatima has never told Kharmesh that the true story of “Aladdin and his Lamp” is now famous, because otherwise Kharmesh would be even more conceited than he already is.

But now Vinnie, a mafia hit man, has found Kharmesh’s lamp, and has made his wishes. And you know that long list of wishing-rules where if you break one, you lose that wish and all remaining wishes? (Three More Wishes, Chapter 4.) Well, Vinnie has spotted a loophole in the rules.

Fatima and her master, Marvin Harper, don’t know it yet, but they’ve got problems.

HTOZ-4 Now Has A Title And A Cover

NERD SAVES WOMEN front cover

Cover art rendered by Doug Sturk a.k.a. Sturkwurk

Writing this story, the fourth in the “Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar” series, has been a bear. In the first three stories in the series, I was just having fun. If I dropped story threads, who cared? I didn’t.

But now in HTOZ-4, I have to do two things at once:

1) Make the story fun, for both you and me.

2) Resolve all the story threads.

I started this story last December. Months passed in which I wrote nothing, while I figured out what to do. But now I’m back on track, and in a few weeks, “he says hopefully,” I’ll have the story ready for editing.

Now I have a title: “Nerd Saves Women.”

The story behind the title: Egbert, the Mechanical Engineering major who in HTOZ-1 was not a chick magnet, decides that he is going to rescue the nineteen Earth women (and one female alien) who in HTOZ-3 walked off a Zlarian spaceship, only to be taken captive by the US Army. But now in HTOZ-4, Egbert winds up doing much more than he originally figured on.

I haven’t finished Nerd Saves Women yet, but already I’m proud of it. And if you enjoyed the first three HTOZ stories, not to mention Three More Wishes and The Bimborg, I guaran-fricking-tee you’ll enjoy this last story as well.


Check out Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie

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Check out The Bimborg: Part Nanobot, All Woman

THE BIMBORG—First Three Chapters FREE
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EDIT: Added 2014.08.14—
Buy Nerd Saves Women (Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar-4) now! You know you want to.

Chapters 1 and 2—FREE!

Or buy the whole shebang, The Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar Four-In-One. Just one dollar more! (For ebook.)


First Look At FIRST DOWNLOAD Cover

First Download (Hypno-Talker 2) front cover

Cover art rendered by Doug Sturk a.k.a. Sturkwurk

Take a look at the woman in the gray. She’s a brunette, with hair in a bun (though in this picture, you can’t really tell that). She’s wearing pearl earrings; her skirt goes below her knees; and most noticeably, she’s skinny, with a flat chest. Does she remind you of anyone? Like, for instance, a cartoon character?

Not much else to report since my last blog entry, except that there’s something odd about how I’m writing this story.

Normally, I write the porn parts first. Then after so many pages, I tell myself, “Okay, time to get serious,” and I start creating plot elements.

(For those of you who’ve read Three More Wishes: The story shifts from porn to plot starting with the last four paragraphs of Ch. 29.)

But this story, “The Hypno-Talker’s First Download,” is the second story in the “Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar” series; and it does at least as much as the first story, to set up that series. So I’ve had to do a lot of world-building and plotting.

But now, after having written twelve thousand words of carefully thought out conflict, action, suspense, and world-building, now it’s time for the fun stuff!

EDIT: Added 2014.03.10—

Buy Hypno-Talker’s First Download (Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar-2) now! You know you want to.

First Two Chapters—FREE!
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EDIT: Added 2014.06.27—

Page Foundry/Inktera EPUB

EDIT: Added 2014.09.06—
Buy the whole shebang, The Hypno-Talkers Of Zlar Four-In-One.