Talk to me!

Folks, I get tired of emails from Nigerian government officials and purveyors of generic Viagra. If you’ve read one of my books, or you are thinking about buying one of my books, I want to hear from you!

Email me at: doctor_m_c {at} hotmail {dot} com.

If I delay answering your email, it’s because I’m currently fending off some British spy who’s determined to thwart my latest scheme for world domination.


6 thoughts on “Talk to me!

  1. So I’m in terminal condition and the doctors have told me that the only thing that might possibly save me life is reading your More Genie Problems book. Will it be released in the near future or should I be looking for caskets 😃

  2. _More Genie Problems_ will be coming out sometime between one month and two months from now. It just passed 200 pages (at 6 in.-by-9 in. paperback size) and fifty thousand words. This makes _More Genie Problems_ already a longer book than _One More Genie_.

    Don’t die! I need all the fans I can get.

  3. Hi Doc!
    Found you on goodreads an your stories have my interest. I am new to the e-book scene, and have learned that some publisher/sites take larger cuts then others.
    Are you able to tell me which site gives you the best deal?


    • Smashwords pays 75 to 80 percent, while Amazon Kindle and Kobo Books pay 70 percent. But you’ll get many more sales on Amazon than on anyone else.

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